Reclaim You, Postpartum

You are WORTHY of feeling your best!

Confidently reclaim your health, mindset, and worth WITHOUT pricey doctor appointments interrupting family time.

If you're pregnant or a new mom looking to navigate your postpartum journey because you feel underprepared, nervous about caring for you and your baby, scared of what to do if your baby gets sick, anxious about intimacy or pelvic floor control then you know that you need support postpartum. This virtual program is built for you to move at your own pace.

Does this sound familiar?


✦  How can I possibly care for myself when I am navigating motherhood?

✦  I feel like my brain is in 100 places at once and I am just trying to survive.

✦  I don't sleep.

✦  It would make me feel more secure if I had ideas on what to do if my baby was to get sick or needed nutritional support. This would help ease my anxiety!

✦  Intimacy? What's that?

Could you imagine what it would feel like to confidently navigate motherhood feeling energized, supported, and prepared?

It's possible to reclaim your confidence, mood, sleep, and intimacy!



The most comprehensive program for women to reclaim their health and confidence postpartum. 

Reclaim You, Postpartum

The Resources & Support Include:


8 Modules

✦ Reclaim Your Confidence
You will be empowered to assess your limiting beliefs, change your mindset, and build self-trust, self-appreciation, and self-respect.

✦ Reclaim Your Brain
You will show yourself grace when learning how to balance survival techniques as a mother and executive processing as the brilliant, independent woman you are.

✦ Reclaim Your Mood
You will assess and support your adrenals, thyroid, postpartum depression and/or baby blues, naturally. Bonus: breast milk and formula support!

✦ Reclaim Your Sleep
You will implement sleep-positive behaviors and learn to support your body naturally to improve sleep.

✦ Reclaim Your Fuel
You'll grow in your knowledge and understanding of postpartum nutrition to support tissue healing, milk supply, and hormone health.

✦ Reclaim Your Movement
You will explore movement safely and effectively.

✦ Reclaim Your Immunity
You will navigate natural support for building a strong immune system for both you and baby.

✦ Reclaim Your Worth
You'll begin healing inside and out to enjoy intimacy with your partner again, with some bonus tips and tricks!

✦ And of course... the bonuses!

What are you waiting for?


✦ Infant formula recipe (mimics the nutrients of breastmilk)

✦ DIY Topical Ointment Recipes

✦ Postpartum nutritious snacks guide

✦ Resources for thyroid, adrenal and liver support

✦ Postpartum grocery list for breastfeeding nutrient support

✦ Immune support audit

✦ Toxin free chemical guide

✦ Essential oil and herbal medicine support guide

✦ .... and many more!